Home-Start North Dorset needs you!

The local charity needs £70,000 every year to prepare and fund volunteer parents to provide hands-on assistance to families with young children struggling to cope – domestic circumstances are often complicated by mental health, abuse issues or rural isolation.

We are creating a new FRIENDS For FAMILIES social network of sympathetic supporters each of whom will aim to raise £120 from April 2019 till March 2020 – just £10 per month. A dedicated donation page link (on this page) will be set up and operable from 5th April with a year-end target of £5,000 raised collectively.

We want this to be FUN and have come up with an initial list of ideas for ways you can raise funds locally at home and away – the list below outlines just some of them.   You can donate the proceeds from your efforts as you go along or plan a single large project and give one lump sum.   As well as keeping FRIENDS up-to-date with fund-raising progress, by referring to this page from time to time you can gain inspiration from other FRIEND’s ideas and successes which we will post on a regular basis.

As a new FRIEND, we would also encourage you to find and sign up ONE OTHER new FRIEND to share ideas and organisation of larger events…just let us have email contact details for our records.

Here are a few suggestions….but do let us know if you have any other bright ideas!

  •  Secret Houses programme – quarterly – Home-Start North Dorset is planning four days out where your guests are invited into some unusual or historic private homes (this is not open to the public at large)
  • Organising or hosting a birthday party? A wedding? A wake? Request guests donate to the HSND page rather than bring presents/flowers….
  • Do you play bridge? Chess? Backgammon? Golf? Whether a regular or dedicated event, play for high stakes and make sure that HSND is the beneficiary
  • Start up (or re-direct) a Book Club with participants donating £10 per book reading session
  • Wine tasting evening – we can provide details of a professional wine tasting company to visit private home addresses and host two – three-hour free wine tasting evenings – charge guests £10 and throw in some nibbles
  • Jewellery ‘Cleaning’ Afternoon Tea – bring your favourite pieces to clean and show friends – jewellery lovers adore to see and admire other pretty baubles, especially items rarely allowed out
  • Bingo – always a fun evening with friends and the more the merrier
  • Monopoly – using the old set (with paper money) or new (with electronic banking gadget), invite up to four friends to play with each paying an entry fee (£10)
  • Invite Friends home for a Games Night – play or compete along with your favourite TV game show: MasterMind; The Chase; University Challenge, Tipping Point; Tenable etc – charge each to compete and allocate a small sum out of the total to the winner
  • Home Fair/s – if space at homes permits or prevail upon a friend, designate a date and invite friends to bring along for sale cottage industry wares and/or bric-a-brac and old/out-of-season clothing (bake sale; home crafts; gifts; home-made jewellery etc) with a percentage of sales going to HSND
  • Car Boot Sale (along the same lines as above)
  • Physic Salon/Tarot/Holistic Healing Morning/Afternoon – invite tarot card readers and professional physics/mediums/holistic healers to present ‘snapshot’ / introduction sessions at home to interested chums…and everyone is secretly interested!
  • Home Spa/Salon Sessions at Home – invite a professional masseur/beautician/hair stylist/manicurist to your home and invite three to four guests to enjoy short sessions (approx. 20 minutes per individual) for a total of one and a half hours over a two-hour booking – negotiate with the professional first!
  • Poker Night (especially for the lads)…..
  • Strictly Come Dancing for HSND – each guest to pay to support a candidate….
  • Sports Evening – on those special sporting occasions (Cup Final/Tennis/Sailing etc) – host an evening with guests betting on the winners with HSND to benefit…
  • Home Movies Night – download the latest blockbuster or a classic movie and invite a few friends around for evening at the movies and maybe throw in a few snacks – charge £10 per person and with 10 guests you’re a third of the way there!


Watch the target indicator on the Virgin Moneygiving page increase bit by bit and know that you are helping vulnerable local families.


To sign up for FRIENDS For FAMILIES or if you want more specific information and       ideas please email our PR & Events Co-ordinator, Karen Luard on                     [email protected] 

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  1. Clare Leydon April 4, 2019 at 3:25 am #

    I live in Wincanton. I’ve been a TA and HLTA for the past 16 years. Saw an advertisement that you need more volunteers. Wondered what it required etc.

    • Home Start North Dorset July 9, 2019 at 9:16 am #

      Hi Clare, I know my colleague has sent you an email a while ago, but I just wanted to follow up to see if you still require any information about volunteering. Your experience sounds great and really relevant to the work we do. If you would like me to send you an application pack let me know or if you want to find out more call the office on 07730 218435. Our next training course begins on 18th September. Many thanks Vix Madel

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